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My mother in law suffers from arthritis and she mainly feels it in her fingers and hands. Not a good thing for her of course, even more knowing she is a piano teacher. But now it's holiday period and she follows the school holidays. For her that means a break of about 6, 7 weeks. No lessons, no students, nothing. They have a mobile home in France, but that was rented out for this summer. So they decided to do something else and they took the car and drove to switzerland. She called tonight and was very enthusiastic about it.

cozy lunch

At a terrace of a restaurant this afternoon; I met two Dutch women. That was such a coincidence. All the tables were occupied and they asked me if I could share my table with them. Of course I did and after speaking Swedish for a while they said something in Dutch to each other and I was so surprised. They were also surprised and together we had to laugh about the coincidence to meet other Dutch people at this place. It is not a tourist spot and they were not tourists. They live nearby and they were colleagues and also ...